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Why Targeted Objectives Keep Your Resume Out Of File 13

Your job objective is usually the first heading on your resume. It is a summary statement that provides a potential employer with a snapshot of what you can offer their company. Think of it as a headline that draws a potential employer to reading your resume and not pitching it into the trash bin. Many people write the job objective statement in non-specific language which tells the reader little about what they can offer a company. The job objective needs to be more than a goal of providing great customer service and seeking advancement. It needs to be targeted. Otherwise it is nothing more than wasted effort and space. Look at your resume. Have you written a job objective that is a goal--a broad, sweeping statement? If you have, you need to rethink it.

This is key to remember--objectives tell how you will meet those goals you've set for yourself. That's the information that you want to convey.

Keeping Your Resume Out Of The Slush Pile

It takes just a few seconds for a potential employer to decide whether your resume belongs on his desk or in the trash. Reading ad nauseum variations of the same job objective won't set your resume apart unless you pique the interest of your potential employer. Your job objective should be written in the first person, it should be concise, and not written as a goal. Today's resumes are often competing with hundreds of hopefuls. Put yourself in the employer's shoes. Does your objective say anything that sets you apart from the pack? Be specific, relevant, measurable, and give the potential employer a snapshot of how you want to attain your goals within their company.

Strong job objectives tailored to the job position add value to your resume. You might think that you should only bring up your objectives during the interview. However, you must attain that interview before you can discuss any objectives. Also remember that if your resume is strong and functionally targeted on its own by your job experience, your skills, and your education, you may not need to head it up with the job objective heading. Lastly, if you are providing a curriculum vitae (CV) instead of a resume, you would not include the job objective since you are already applying within your professional field of expertise (an example would be education). If you are still having difficulty writing your job objective, there are many professional resume writing services that can lend you a hand.