Use Direct Marketing To Grow Your B2B Sales

Human resource services are moving more and more into the digital world. Payroll and other departments become less dependent on actual employees. But, the keyword in human resources is "human." It is important to remember this, especially when it comes to your marketing efforts. If you are offering an HR service for businesses (no matter what the field or size), you must not neglect direct marketing. It can be easy to focus on online marketing, but combining your online and direct (that is: face-to-face) efforts, you can dramatically increase your sales.

Starting A Business? 4 People Who Should Be On Your Speed Dial

Starting a small business is a big undertaking that few new owners are fully prepared for. And, while most spend countless hours working on the products or services they will offer and cultivating clients, few people take the time to build a network of people to help them be successful.  So, if you're embarking on this challenge, what support system should you have on your speed dial? Here are 4 key people.

Blowing Smoke: How To Control Smoke In The Event Of A Fire

The biggest threat to human and animal life in a fire is not the flames. It is the smoke. The smoke will suffocate and kill you before the flames and heat ever reach you. If you want a fighting chance at escaping any fire, you should ask a fire protection and smoke reduction consulting agent to look around your home or business and see what can be done. Smoke control system designs can save and protect the lives present in any building, but only if the systems are properly outfitted for the structure and the layout of the home or building.

Want To Connect Commercial Buildings? Go Underground

If you have buildings for your business on separate sides of a street, or if you would like to connect your buildings across a road or area, and you aren't sure if you should go in the air or below the ground, you want to consider going below ground. There are a lot of advantages to going under the ground instead of trying to create a walkway between the buildings in the air, and it may be the only way you can get it done.

Why Targeted Objectives Keep Your Resume Out Of File 13

Your job objective is usually the first heading on your resume. It is a summary statement that provides a potential employer with a snapshot of what you can offer their company. Think of it as a headline that draws a potential employer to reading your resume and not pitching it into the trash bin. Many people write the job objective statement in non-specific language which tells the reader little about what they can offer a company.